Child Programs

Let your child experience quality education and activities at HHCA!

Out of School Care (OOSC)

The Huntington Hills Community Association has offered quality Out of School Care for over 18 years. We service 5 different schools within the community, and offer a wide variety of activities.  We are an acredited program.

We offer bussing to and from school for; Dr. J.K. Mulloy, Alex Munro, St. Hubert, and St. Henry, and Huntington Hills School.  We are able to service over 100 children.

Our qualified and enthusiastic staff strives to make sure that all the children who attend our programs have learn new things in a fun and inviting environment. It is our goal to offer a variety of activities that are designed to be adaptable for children of all ages, and abilities. We have skating in the winter, crafts, games, and many different physical activities throughout the year.


Fee Schedule

$25 annual membership fee

Components                                           Cost

Before and after school care (Grage 1-6)      $425.00/ month

Part - time (am care only)                              $200.00/ month

Part - time (am care only)                              $200.00/ month

Part - time (pm care only)                              $300.00/ month  

Kindergarten                                                  $550.00/ month

Half day Kindergarten (am care only)            $200.00/ month  

Drop-in Fees

 Full day                                       $40.00/day



All fee are per child and there is NO reduced family rate.

Refunds will only be offered when adequate notice for termination of care is given. (minimum 1 month)

Subsidy is available through the Government of Alberta;