Child Programs

Let your child experience quality education and activities at HHCA!

Out of School Care (OOSC)

The Huntington Hills Community Association has offered quality Out of School Care for over 18 years. We service 5 different schools within the community, and offer a wide variety of activities.  We are an acredited program.

We offer bussing to and from school for; Dr. J.K. Mulloy, Alex Munro, St. Hubert, and St. Henry, and Huntington Hills School.  We are able to service over 100 children.

Our qualified and enthusiastic staff strives to make sure that all the children who attend our programs have learn new things in a fun and inviting environment. It is our goal to offer a variety of activities that are designed to be adaptable for children of all ages, and abilities. We have skating in the winter, crafts, games, and many different physical activities throughout the year.


The Huntington Hills Community Association, Out of School Care Program believes that it is important to emphasize positive behavior and reinforce it. However, we also realize that from time to time it will be necessary to curb negative behavior by means, which does not attack the child’s self-esteem, yet does address the behavior. All children who are new to the program or retuning after a five week break or more return will be on probationary for the first month. During this period the family or Program may choose to remove the child without a notice. This is to ensure the continuity of the Program and safety of its members and staff.

The following will NEVER be used as a form of discipline:

-          physical punishment/threats

-          belittling and/or humiliation

-          use or permit the use of any form of physical restraint, confinement or isolation.

The following behavior is considered negative and will not be permitted within the program:

            -running away/leaving without permission

            -not listening to and/or following the instructions of staff

            -biting, punching or kicking

            -swearing, verbally abusing other children or staff

            - Behavior considered dangerous to self, others or property

The following will be the steps used, according to the staff’s discretion, in addressing inappropriate behavior:

  1. A warning will be given on the first instance and the child’s name will be written down.
  2. This will be followed by a period of "cool down Time", and a logical consequence. An “incident report” will be written and discussed with the parent to avoid the development of more serious negative behaviors patterns.
  3. If negative behavior continues to occur after discussion with the parent(s), suspension will be used for one day, and the next episode will be dismissal from the program. If a situation reaches this stage, the program is not required to give any specific amount of notice to the parent(s).

All children attending the program must discuss this policy with their parent or guardian. It then must be signed by both the parent/guardian and child that they have read, understand and agree to abide by this policy.